Friday, July 24, 2009

July 2009

Hello friends!

Over the summer we have been hosting on Thursday nights a Rock Solid Class that is a basic discipleship class for everyone growing in God. We have had a great time and people are indeed learning about the bible. Some great conversations and questions have sparked up...Praise God!

Over this year we have been doing a marriage counselling to a couple who have been struggling for the past 10 years of their marriage. This past Sunday they came up front and testified how God has restored their marriage and they are in love again! Wow! God is so faithful.

On a personal note, Josiah and Gloria had their first riding lesson...They really loved it!
We are doing well. The summer has been great in Scotland. A lot less rain than normal...

Love from Paul, Heini, Josiah and Gloria

Thursday 23rd July, Rock Solid Class

Josiah and Gloria's first riding lession