Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Charity Shop

Hello from sunny Glasgow!!

It has been the most beautiful few days..No rain for almost two weeks!

We have some exciting news to share with you... This past Monday Bridgeton Life Church opened up "our own" Charity Shop! We were offered an empty shop building to use for free for three months if we wanted to take it...So of course, we took the opportunity to raise some funds.

So we are running a "wee" shop for three months, until June and raising money towards women's conference trip that is coming up in the beginning of June. We will also support a group of young people from Fire Starters, who are going to Kenya on a mission trip this coming July...And depending on how much funds we will manage to raise we will use some towards our building project in Bridgeton. We felt that this is a major time for us believing support and financies towards our own building projects and other needs we have here in Glasgow, so we thought that we will sow some seeds to missions and believe God, that we will also reap a blessing in return!

We are sending our very first "missionary" out to Kenya for three weeks, as one of the young people from our church is joining in the team in July. Praise God!

The shop has brought us together as a church with many volunteers coming along to help one way or another. Please keep praying that people would continuosly donate good clothing and household goods for us to sell and that God would bless the shop!

We appologise, due to some technical difficulties We are unable to attach photos right now...

Thank you for praying for us!
Love and blessings, Paul, Heini, Josiah and Gloria