Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Life Has Meaning

Life Has Meaning is our monthly outreach to the Bridgeton people. This year we were out giving over 350 specially wrapped Christmas candles to the community. Many lives were prayed for and encouraged to "meet Jesus." It was a great time ministering to people the love of Jesus Christ. Here is a letter we received back from our acts of kindness:

"Thank you for your kind gift. It is nice to know that someone is still thinking of us at this very special time when people are at their lowest - some of us have no family to visit us on Christmas day. Your visit to my house on Saturday with my free gift lifted my hopes." Mr. Young

Champion Students

Our foreign students from Malaysia, Italy, Slovakia, and Ireland...the nations are coming to Jesus!

Champion Life Church 2010 Christmas Dinner

On December 16 we had our Christmas dinner. It was a great time of people coming together and building healthy relationships in the church. Over 55 people came out to the dinner. Merry Christmas!!!

Pastor & Apostle Hugh Clark (Scotsman)

Pastor & Apostle Hugh Clark is a father in the faith to Paul and Heini and Champion Life Church. He has acted as a spiritual covering for the church in drawing the church closer to God, and recently has challenged the church to walk in their authority over "spiritual flabbiness" and "keeping the house clean." His message came from Jesus cleansing the temple. Hugh has a real heart to train up sons in the faith to be empowered to do great things for God and develop a their personal relationship with Him more intimately.

Kids Power Hour

This is our recent Kids Power Hour Christmas party for 2010

X-CEL Men's Conference

In November Paul brought three men from Champion Life Church to Abundant Life Church in Bradford, England for the X-CEL men's conference. Much of the Father's heart was preached, and life principles of living in the extraordinary in our homes as father's, husband's; and to be bold to make biblical leadership decisions in life.

Champions Youth Conference - 2010

This is Champions Youth Conference for November 2010. Paul is one of the three leaders on the Nat'l youth leaders team for Scotland Assemblies of God. The conference drew over 300 youth to give a little perspective of what things were like. The word is being preached, youth are getting saved and the young people are getting on fire! Steve Gambill was the main speaker from Abundant Life Church in Bradford, England.

Youth/ Prayer room make over

Well, our youth room / prayer room has finally come to a completion. The carpet was donated to Champion Life Church by another organization, and a friend from the church had laid this in the end of summer 2010.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hey everyone!

Last few weeks have been pretty historical in Scotland. For the whole 11 years we have been in Scotland it has never snowed this much or for this long...The country has been in standstill...For almost two weeks the schools were closed and we were stuck in the house. We received the "forced"rest gladly and played a lot in the snow with the kids. We managed to keep Sunday morning services going but weekly meetings had to be cancelled.

Friends of ours from another church donated us their old minibus recently. Praise God, this was the only vehicle that was able to get through the snow. Below is a picture of Paul trying to get the snow off from the roof of the minibus!

Blessings, Paul, Heini and kids