Thursday, April 26, 2012

Renovations in Progress!

Good things happening here in Scotland!

More happenings in March... Praise God our church building is really beginning to shine! Taryn headed up a project and team of people from within the church to re-do the kids Sunday School room. The pictures really show the transformation! The kids have had a few Sundays in the new room and totally love it. This room is used for our younger kids (ages 4-8) so it gives them plenty of room to play and for the class to grow.

The "before" shot, all cleared out and ready to go!

Making progress! Almost done... And finally, the after!

Taryn was definitely relieved to see the stripes turn out straight and crisp haha.

Mother's Day

Hello, hello, hello! Can't wait to catch you up on what's been going on over here in Scotland!

            The month of March is full of some great memories, but here are just a few of our highlights.
It started with a great weekend on March 3rd to celebrate Mother's Day with a mother-daughter brunch called Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice. Taryn's mom came for two weeks to visit her so the two of them had a great time putting this day together for our church. In the UK we celebrate Mother's day in March instead of May... what a great surprise for Taryn's mom Rakyel to spend an early Mother's Day with her daughter! 

The church coffee room looked great decorated in pink with sugar, spice and everything nice of course. Our morning started with a beautiful and delicious breakfast, followed by a few games and fellowship. It turned out to be a great day for mom's to connect with each other while their little girls had a great day together as well! Rakyel was a wonderful encouragement to our mothers here and had the chance to share a bit of what God had laid on her heart for them. All in all, quite a success and a fresh way to start off the Springtime here!

                                      The decorations finished and set up in the coffee room

Taryn and her mom Rakyel

Lots of fun with games!
     Who can draw the best picture of their mother/daughter... on a paper plate.. and on their head???