Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!

Merry Christmas everyone!

We are so thankful for this past year 2016! So many things have happened that we are so grateful for.
In June, it was difficult to say good-bye to our “homeland” Scotland of the past seventeen years. The summer was a huge transition to all of us when we moved to Redding, CA. Yet, we knew this was what the Lord has been leading us to do for the past year.

Our children, Josiah and Gloria, started Bethel Christian School in August. It was the first time for them to not wear a school uniform. Coming home from school from the first day, Josiah said, ‘I felt free today.’ Heini asked Josiah, what he meant by that and he responded that he felt he could be himself without the school uniform. We didn’t realize how true, and someway foretelling this statement would be in our lives as God has taken us on a journey of finding our true identities and freedom from a performance mindset. 

We are all in school now. Paul and Heini are attending Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and the children are in Bethel Christian School. It has been a time of getting truly rested from doing full time ministry for the past 17 years. It has also given us an opportunity to study the word of God and experiencing His supernatural power through our lives. We have built new friendships in the Bethel Church community, and God has given us opportunities to minister to people in Redding and surrounding areas.

Here is a picture of Gloria praying and prophesying over a lady's life in the Diamonds Ministry group. There is no such a thing as junior Holy Spirit. He speaks through children and adults alike.

Thank you for supporting us and praying for our family as we are staring to seek what God has for us next. This year is a true investment to all of us becoming all that God has created us to be.
Merry Christmas! Love, Paul, Heini, Josiah (12) and Gloria (10) Euliano

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Euliano Transition

Hi Friends and Supporters,
We trust that you are all well. It is now 14 weeks into our time of being in the States, and we are loving it! We have been warmly welcomed since we have been back, and that has encouraged us to settle well. 

After leaving Scotland we were tired and needing to recoup after all the travel. Our summer was full of life, rest, and new friends as we made our way to Redding, CA. We are enjoying our new house, and exploring the beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers and other sights of northern California in our town.

Our children (Josiah and Gloria), started Bethel Christian School on Monday, August 22 - they're loving it! They both managed to meet new friends, and get to know their teachers. They have been learning much about American culture in everyday life. Josiah is playing baseball and Gloria has taken up dance. 

Heini and I (Paul) are not only enjoying new friend-ships, but are also enjoying life in our new home. Our container just arrived on Tuesday, September 6, which we are excited to get all our stuff unpacked. Soon our house will be in order, and tidy. I had taken off to the east coast for three Sunday's and had itinerated in two churches so far - Sunday, September 4.

Loads of blessings to you all!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thank you for praying! Champion Life Church Variety Show went really well.
We had so many talents and an awesome audience! (Please see pictures below)
God is so good. We pray that each one of you will have a wonderful Christmas! Thank you for all your support and prayers this year 2015!

Much love, The Euliano's

Bob playing the keyboard

Martha and Mima, talented singers

The house was packed with people having to sit upstairs in the balcony.

Crystal our missionary associate singing "Cotton Fields"

Great fellowship

Paul and Heini Euliano

Frank, Isa and Ann

Margaret Connelly and Leeanne Cumlin
(Leeanne is our Youth Pastor)

Great times!

Beautiful children from Bridgeton Community

Some real fun acts!

Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton....


Real awesome talents!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas Variety Show

Please be praying for our Christmas Variety Show coming up on the 18th December 2015!
This is a great outreach to the community as well as a fun night with friends and family!

Father's Love Feast

1st November 2015

First Sunday of the month is our communion service. In November, Paul felt that the Lord directed him to organize a "Father's Love Feast" during our Sunday morning church service. Everyone participated by bringing in food and drinks. It truly was a great communion service, with a true family atmosphere.

Here are some pictures of our church family enjoying a meal together.

Champion Kids Ministry

Hey Everyone!
It has been a while since we have updated our blog. This year has just flown by!
We cannot believe it is already December!

Last month we had a special visit from a friend and her daughter from Church of the Living God in Connecticut. God had spoken to Patty and Ashley to come and invest in our children's ministry here in Scotland.  They arrived on October 29th and left November 2nd.
Amazing! It was a full on four days of ministry!
They purchased completely new curriculum for our Champion Kids Ministry, as well as restructured our children's rooms, and directed a training night with our volunteers. This was a true answer to prayer, as we have been in need of new material! 

Thank you Patty and Ashley Schmid!

Here are some pictures from our ministry week-end!

Patty sharing with the church on Sunday morning.

Friday evening Champion Kids Leaders training

 How God refreshes you through other people! God really used Patty and Ashley's gifts this week-end to bring so much encouragement to us! In this picture - Paul, Heini and Patty...
Our squeezed travel mode...Patty, Ashley and our missionary associate Crystal all cramped in the back of our car with all the props in their laps! Great memories!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Celebrating good times

Hey Everyone!

Today we were back in the office after two months break in America. It is great to be back in Scotland and among our leaders team! On Sunday the church was buzzing! God released many prophetic words, prayer for healing and anointed preaching and worship!
 We were so impressed by how well the church run while we were away. God really blessed our itineration in America and the church here in Scotland! Thank you for praying! 
Here are few pictures of us brain storming in our office this morning...
New outreaches, ideas, organization...
Thank God for our wonderful team! We also want to thank Alan Ross who is the Associate Pastor of Champion Life Church for all his hard work while we were away. Unfortunately he could not be with us this morning's staff meeting.

Staff Meeting Brain storming
Crystal - Our Missionary Associate from Kansas
Frank   - Elder in the church

Heini - Back in business
Paul - Senior Pastor  - Sharing with the team

Stephen who heads up the Evangelism Team in Champion Life Church