Wednesday, May 6, 2015

British Citizenship

Great News!

After 16 years in Scotland Paul has finally received his dual citizenship. The British passport came through in April! Making him both American and British! The question now is...
Is Paul now an American-Brit or British-American?!?

This makes life a lot easier, especially when travelling. As a British citizen he has right to travel and live anywhere in Europe without a visa. And the passport queues are always shorter if you travel with a national passport!!

Minnesota Team

Dear All, 

We were very blessed by hosting a team from The House Church in Minnesota in April. 

During the few days of ministry we did outreach in local pubs by just hanging out with people. 
(And drinking Iron Bru - Non-alcoholic Scottish soda...)

God opened up doors for us to pray healing for people. Few people got healed in the pub! 
God is good. 
The team also organised a worship training for our musicians on Thursday night and Friday evening we had an Encounter night for the whole church. God's presence was tangible in our midst. 

Champion Life Church was truly blessed! Here are pictures from the team. 

 Prophetic Art during Friday night church service

 The team from The House Church in Minnesota

Easter Egg Hunt

Hey Everyone! 

Easter is always a great time for outreach.  It is a wonderful time to celebrate that Jesus is alive!
We had a quite a few visitors to church on Easter Sunday. One particular mum joined us to church with her son for the very first time on Easter. They have been attending church ever since! 
Here are some pictures from our annual Easter Egg Hunt.

First Bonfire of the year

Hey Everyone!

It has been a while since we posted on this blog so we will try to play a bit catch up today and update you on what has been happening in Scotland...

This past Friday we had the youth from the church over for a first bonfire of the year! We roasted marshmallows and hot dogs. Everyone had a great time as we talked about each others dreams and future that God has in store for each of us...We have two new young people who have started to come to the youth regularly since we spoke to you last. It has been a huge encouragement to see young people of this generation giving their lives to Jesus. These two have now started come to the church regularly and are hungry to grow in God! 

This coming Sunday we will also be holding a baptism service, where two other young people will be baptised too! God is so good! Please pray for the youth in Scotland, especially our youth group, that they would not waver in their faith but remain strong in trusting Jesus as they make decisions for their future.

Here are some photos from the bonfire...

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Dear All,

We had a fund raising Saturday on the 13th December in a local supermarket Tesco. We had an opportunity to fundraise money by bag packing people's groceries from 10am until 5pm. It was a great time and we raised almost £900 towards a disabled toilet (Bathroom) and our youth ministry fund. Many people from the church came and helped out and we had a good time working together and talking with customers. We were also able to invite people to our Christmas Eve service which was a huge opportunity to reach out to our community.

Crystal handing out invitations to the Christmas Eve service.

 Robyn and Jacqueline serving customers and packing their bags...

Few of the youth and children stayed the whole day helping out. It was hard work but it did pay off!

 Pastor Paul did his fare share of bag packing...


Christmas Eve Service

Hey everyone!
We had a great Christmas Eve Service on the 24th December 2014. Many people from the community came to the service and we had wonderful time celebrating Christmas together.
Here are few pictures from the service and the children's nativity play.  

 Associate Pastor Alan Rodd preached a great Christmas message.

Happy New Year 2015!

Dear friends and family!
As the new year 2015 is approaching few hours away we are taking this opportunity to reflect on the year 2014...and wish you all a wonderful new year 2015!
We are blessed! We cannot thank you enough for all your support and prayers...
Many events has taken place and God has been working in our character, in our lives and in our church. Year 2014 has been a huge year of growth and blessing in our personal lives and the church family has gotten much stronger together this year.
Here are few of the most recent highlights in November and December 2014...
We have a new Ministry Associate in Champion Life Church. Crystal Alexander is from Kansas and has come to help us in church ministry for the next two years! She came in November and she has already been a huge blessing! Here is a picture of Crystal working in Champion Life Church office.
Our leadership team at the church is growing and people who are in it are a huge blessing! This picture was taken in December in our living room when we had our leaders together for a small Christmas party!
Paul became a British citizen on the 16th December 2014! He has now a dual citizenship  - with American and British passports!