Friday, July 27, 2018

Euliano's News July 2018

Hello Everyone!
Hope you are all enjoying the summer and sunshine!
Here is an update what is happening in our lives here in California.

Graduation from Second Year –

Bethel School Of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM)

Paul and Heini had the privilege of graduating from second year of ministry school in May 2018.  Picture below is with our revival group pastor James Heth. Thank you everyone who helped us by supporting and praying for us as we went through fulltime school!
BSSM emphasizes hands-on training and experience, along with academic understanding. This creates a “teach and do” culture where we took risks to stretch our faith like we have never done before, and grow in our understanding of God.
Paul is going to continue in third year, (final year) of school. He will be mentored by Steve Backlund. In the mentor-student relationship, it is the mentors purpose to advance the experience, opportunity, and anointing of each of their respective students. Paul will also be Steve’s volunteer Pastor over the intern team. The other picture below is from a recent ministry trip Paul went with Steve Backlund to Monterey,CA. The family in the middle are the hosts of the local church. Please be praying for this next year as we are taking another step of faith for Paul’s fulltime internship. There will be many opportunities for Paul to go on ministry trips and travel with Steve. He is looking for financial support to make this great opportunity come true.

Paul and Heini with our Revival Group Pastor, James Heth

Paul on a ministry trip with Steve Backlund

Nicaragua – April 2018

God opened a door for Heini to go on a mission trip for two weeks in Nicaragua in April 2018. It was an incredible opportunity to serve the broken and poor communities and see God move. Heini saw physical healings happen and children being baptized by the Holy Spirit.

In this picture, Heini is feeding the poor in the slum. 


Text Box: Please send Tax Deductible Donations to 
Paul and Heini Euliano
6165 Terra Linda Way, Redding, CA, 96003
Write Checks to: 
Gift of Joy, 
In the memo write: Euliano Mission
Our children, Josiah and Gloria are doing well. Josiah is going to 8th grade in the fall and Gloria is going to 7th grade at the Bethel Christian School (BCS). They both love doing sports. Gloria is part of Bethel cheerleading team and Josiah loves basketball, baseball and football. Although BCS maintains a high academic standard, they have a strong training ground where students become world changers.  This is why we believe the Lord has us here in Redding in this season - to invest into our children and their future. There will be time for us to do more hands-on ministry again, but for now this is where the Lord has us.
Our heart is that Josiah and Gloria will come to know God’s character, experience His presence, and share His love. We desire to guide our children into knowing who they are in Christ, based on what God’s word says about them. They will be equipped to reach their destiny. Their school fees are over $700/month, so we are believing another miracle for this money to come through!
Would you please pray with us for the Lord’s provision?

Heini started working part-time at Bethel Church as community life assistant. She is working with community life pastor, Kristy Tillman. This is an incredible opportunity to be part of developing small group structure, and equip classes that Bethel provides. She is learning how to build structure that supports the church growth, here in Bethel Church, CA.

As we mentioned earlier, Paul is continuing to be a full-time student by interning with Steve Backlund. We appreciate how you have continually supported us and prayed for us these past two years in Redding! Would you consider supporting us for another year?
No amount is too small. Our friends, Anita and JR McGee run a charity, Gift of Joy, here in the USA and in China. They have opened up a door for our support to be channeled through their organization so that any support is still a tax deductible. 

Please post checks to us:
Paul Euliano, 6165 Terra Linda Way, Redding, CA, 96003
Checks: Please make checks payable to: Gift of Joy,
Memo: Mission work Euliano

Thank you again for all you are and what you do! Love, Paul, Heini, Josiah and Gloria Euliano  
6165 Terra Linda Way
| Redding, CA, 96003
  530 7829691 |

Friday, January 19, 2018

January 2018

Happy New Year 2018 Everyone!

Thank you again for all of your generous giving and support to us!

We both, Paul and Heini are pressing in the last five months of school until May 2018 and would be so thankful for any of your continuous support to us in these next few months!

We are currently in the midst of a healing week here at the school. 
Randy Clark is a visiting speaker and both Paul and Heini are serving in the meetings by praying for the sick and helping with ushering and other practical ways.

Heini was asked to be a co-leader to lead a mission trip to Nicaragua, Matagalpa in April 3rd-16th. This will be an incredible opportunity to help and reach out to children living on the streets. We will be also serving a local church in Matagalpa and help their feeding program to the street children.

In the previous blog, we had mentioned that our support can be sent through an organization called “Gift of Joy.” Few of you had asked us for more details on what “Gift of Joy” is. So we thought to write a separate blog to explain this a bit more.

A friend of ours, Anita McGee is from Hong Kong. Her and her husband JR, have rescued many children who have been neglected in China.  She runs a non-profit organization to support the orphanage that she is running in Hong Kong. We have become friends with Anita, she lives here in Redding California, and are so impressed by her huge heart for the children in China and Hong Kong.

She has agreed to channel our support through her organization, since we are still doing mission work by serving and helping out here in the local community in Redding and attending Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. We will be also supporting her mission to rescue children and babies in China.

As we mentioned before Paul continues to have his minister’s license through Elim Bible Institute, in Lima, New York, where he holds his credentials. Our future support will be channeled through an organization called “Gift of Joy.”  This will remain as tax deductible donation. 
We would like to ask if you would continue your monthly support for us.

Please send your financial gift through Gift of Joy, instead of CLG.
 Gift of Joy updates us monthly who is giving and will send you a donation receipt for tax deductions.

Money wire directly:
Account name: Gift of Joy
WSECU - Washington State Credit Union
Routing number: 325181028
Account number: 5123022
Bank Address: 2015 NE Kresky Ave, Chehalis. WA, 98532

Please post checks to us:
Paul Euliano, 6165 Terra Linda Way, Redding, CA, 96003
Checks: Please make checks payable to: Gift of Joy,
Memo: Mission work Euliano
***Please note:  In order for Gift of Joy to electronically deposit the checks, they must be signed at the back also.

Thank you for all that you do in partnering with us!

Much love, Paul, Heini, Josiah and Gloria Euliano