Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Celebrating good times

Hey Everyone!

Today we were back in the office after two months break in America. It is great to be back in Scotland and among our leaders team! On Sunday the church was buzzing! God released many prophetic words, prayer for healing and anointed preaching and worship!
 We were so impressed by how well the church run while we were away. God really blessed our itineration in America and the church here in Scotland! Thank you for praying! 
Here are few pictures of us brain storming in our office this morning...
New outreaches, ideas, organization...
Thank God for our wonderful team! We also want to thank Alan Ross who is the Associate Pastor of Champion Life Church for all his hard work while we were away. Unfortunately he could not be with us this morning's staff meeting.

Staff Meeting Brain storming
Crystal - Our Missionary Associate from Kansas
Frank   - Elder in the church

Heini - Back in business
Paul - Senior Pastor  - Sharing with the team

Stephen who heads up the Evangelism Team in Champion Life Church

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pastor Eric and Melissa Peoples

Thank you for praying! God is answering your prayers in so many ways!

The last week-end in May we were honoured to have Pastor Eric and Melissa Peoples from CT with us for a week-end full of encouragement, empowerment and leadership training.  
Pastor Eric and Melissa Peoples

Please be praying for us as we are getting ready to come to America this summer to fundraise and 
also have some holiday time with the family and friends. Please be also praying for Champion Life Church and the leadership team who will be running things while we are away to the States. 

John Redd

Hey all, 

We had an honour to host one of our faithful supporters, John Redd from Texas with us for a week in May. John leads a ministry called Renewell, focusing on supporting ministers all around the world. We were privileged to have him come along and stay with us for a week to pray with us, to encourage us and love on us. We were truly blessed!
John preaching on Sunday morning service and sharing the importance of supporting one another.

Enjoying friendship  - Paul, Heini and John

Kid Encounter Service

Great news from Scotland!
We had asked you guys to pray for our Kids Encounter service...And God answered your prayers! 

On Friday the 15th May we organised an experimental evening for the children to encounter God. We built a trampoline in the main hall, got exercise mats, provided paints, flags, playdough, and radical praise and worship music. Children got to experiment what way do they best connect with God.
Here are few photos from the night....

Some were jumping and bouncing on the trampoline, some were painting and others were dancing with the flags. We then turned the music down to slow soaking music and asked each child to talk to God and write down what God had been speaking to them during our worship encounter. The evening was powerful with all children, even three non Christians engaging with God!

Water Baptisms

Hey Everyone!

We had a wonderful water baptism service in May 2015.  Thank you for praying!
This time it was even more special as we water baptised our son Josiah!
Here are some photos of the five people who got baptised.

George getting baptsed. 

Our son Josiah getting baptised

Naomi witnessing on Gods goodness and confessing her faith in Jesus

Our associate Pastors daughter Sarah getting baptised

Erica getting baptised

Praise God what a glorious day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

British Citizenship

Great News!

After 16 years in Scotland Paul has finally received his dual citizenship. The British passport came through in April! Making him both American and British! The question now is...
Is Paul now an American-Brit or British-American?!?

This makes life a lot easier, especially when travelling. As a British citizen he has right to travel and live anywhere in Europe without a visa. And the passport queues are always shorter if you travel with a national passport!!

Minnesota Team

Dear All, 

We were very blessed by hosting a team from The House Church in Minnesota in April. 

During the few days of ministry we did outreach in local pubs by just hanging out with people. 
(And drinking Iron Bru - Non-alcoholic Scottish soda...)

God opened up doors for us to pray healing for people. Few people got healed in the pub! 
God is good. 
The team also organised a worship training for our musicians on Thursday night and Friday evening we had an Encounter night for the whole church. God's presence was tangible in our midst. 

Champion Life Church was truly blessed! Here are pictures from the team. 

 Prophetic Art during Friday night church service

 The team from The House Church in Minnesota