Thursday, February 22, 2007

Another Win!

Praise God, we have another successful 'Second Saturday' report. On Saturday, February 10 we had done several outreaches. A group of people went to the shopping plaza and handed out 500 free roses (along with drinks and donuts), another went into a parking garage and payed for 100 peoples' parking fee. If that is not enough, we also had a work crew putting a garden in at our rented church office. This really made an impression on the office management and general office workers.

2nd Saturday’s ministries is all about reaching people through practical acts of kindness with expressions of God’s love. We desire to see people live their dreams, and make better decisions in life. Three primary goals are to mobilize people and build church confidence, bless the city, and create a “buzz” that people know there is an active, fun, Spirit filled church that they can be part of. Reaching the community is something for the entire family to be involved in (old and young, small groups, children, youth etc.). There are no limitations for who can be part of this ministry outreach. Some of the things that our 2nd Saturday’s teams love to do are gift hand outs, clean the city, gardening, painting and decorating, etc.

Soon to come is our 2nd Saturday’s blog on

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Friday, February 2, 2007

2nd Saturday's January 2007/ Life Groups

Dear friends, it's great to be back with you. WOW! January has been exciting with new things happening!

This past January 13th we had our 2nd Saturday's outreach that turned out to be a great success. We launched out three different teams to invade the town of Hamilton with practical acts of kindness. One team did a free car cleaning service, the second team payed for drinks and cookies in the local Subway restaurant, and the third team payed for people's car parking in the local parking garage. This was a blessing to everyone who gave and received on that day! Praise God for His goodness!

We have also started a marriage life group in our home. Every Tuesday evening we come together with couples from our church who are interested in marriage growth. It's been a time to invest biblical life truths into the heart of God's people.

Lastly, we started 'Life Crews' which is geared toward our youth ministry. We are going all out to make an IMPACT that is going to last forever. This is practicing Acts 2:42: devoting ourselves to the apostles teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer. Youth come together Monday nights and Saturday mornings for 'all out' bible study, prayer, and fellowship.

Many blessings -
Paul, Heini, Josiah & Gloria - be praying for us!