Tuesday, March 27, 2007

HELLO From Scotland!

-God is good! In January we had started looking to buy a house, and we finally were able to purchase our own. This is a great change from renting. We will be moving into it on Monday, April 16. We are looking forward to that!
-At Harvest we are preparing for Hamilton's largest Easter Egg hunt. We will be in a local park doing games and giving out food and prizes. We have 5,000 Easter Eggs, and will use this day as an evangelistic outreach raising the awareness of Harvest Christian Fellowship and the love of Jesus.
Please pray for April 7th when this event will take place.
-The youth are doing well. Our youth 'life crew' bible study is flourishing. We have had a lot of positive feedback from parents. One parent saw her 12 year old praying in her bedroom crying out to God on her own. Another parent said that their two teenage girls would not be where they are at with God if it wasn't for IMPACT Student Ministries. This is only because of God, and we give Him all the glory for it.
Love the Euliano's