Monday, February 23, 2009

February Update

How is everybody doing? We hope and pray that you are well. We are always thinking of our church family in the states, and miss you all dearly. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Life in Scotland has been growing pains for us personally and as a church. We are still doing our “Power House Kids Hour” on Tuesday nights, and we also have two “Encounter” church services during the week; one on Thursday evening and our normal Sunday morning service. Also, once a month on a Saturday we are working the harvest field in our area releasing the gospel through random acts of kindness. Please be praying with us for God to send us children’s and youth leaders to come our way.
Praise Report/ Family Life: We baptized 13 people on Sunday, February 15. It was a great time to see new believers step out in faith in their commitment to the Lord!
Chloe getting baptized

George getting baptized

Jimmy getting baptized

'Baptized' Group Picture

Coffee Room after church

Life Group

Lastly, we thank God for our children Josiah (4) and Gloria (3) that they our sharing this adventurous journey along the way in Scotland. Josiah enjoys playing with His Lightening McQueen cars, European football and eating chocolate ice cream. Gloria is a typical little girl who likes to play with her Barbie Dolls, put on princess dresses and eat strawberry ice cream. Their favorite movie at this time is Madagascar.