Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Building Work

Hello Everyone!

The journey in Bridgeton Life Church is continuing full speed.
We are in the middle of church construction right in the front entrance. The old dated look from the 1960's has to go...The walls have been cracking, and the whole first "expression" when you walked in the church was very dark...

First part was to pull down the existing ceiling and cover it with the plaster board..Next is plastering, then painting, and hopefully in few weeks time we can lay down a new floor...We are excited to see the church physically and spiritually changing; reaching higher and going stronger each week.

There is much to do but we are taking one step at the time, together as a church...As the saying goes, "Rome was not build over night..." We are learning to be patient with the work. Thank you for your faithful support to us, and please keep us in prayer as our goal is to have the front entrance decorated by the end of November when we will be hosting a special concert for the community.

Please pray for us also as we are preparing for our annual Hallelujah party on the 31st October 2009.

Here are some photos of the front entrance in the middle of walls getting plastered.
Blessings, Paul and Heini