Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!

December is one of our favourite times of the year...All the lights, Christmas decorations and Christmas carols...the food..the presents and the fact that everywhere you go, you get reminded of our Saviour's birthday! Jesus is indeed the reason for the season! Praise God!

We have been busy with various projects this past month...

November 30th - Jesus in Song Concert - Fundraising concert to cover some of the costs for the front entrance work... The night was a great success with four different bands coming to play and almost 200 people coming along. Thank you Matt Collins and team who put the concert together!

December 12th - Light of the World Campaign, Outreach to the community - As a church we reached out to our community and handed out over 300 gift wrapped candles to our church neighbours and people in the community. This outreach is always well received by the people giving out the gifts and those receiving. We believe we exists to glorify God and reach out to those around us!

December 13th - Sunday Morning Church with Fire Starters - A group of young people from all over Scotland come and sleep over in the church once a month. They take part in our outreaches and host their own worship encounter service both Friday and Saturday nights. This weekend God moved powerfully amongst them, healing various people from their sicknesses. One example is of a person who was healed of a scar from her ear to her neck. Glory to God!

December 17th - Christmas Dinner and Carol Service - We celebrated Christmas with our church family... The night was filled with good food, fellowship and a nativity musical prepared by the worship team. This was also a great time for the church to bring non-Christians, family and friends along.

December 20th - Ladies Night - We are getting ready to get together as women of the church to have a creative night tomorrow. Two of the ladies are florists in the church and they have prepared a table decorations work shop where all the ladies who want can come and have fellowship and prepare a center piece for their Christmas tables...It should be lots of fun!

December 23rd - We are going to the U.S.A. for two weeks in Christmas!!! We are looking forward seeing all our family and friends...

Thank you for supporting and praying for us! With your help you made this mission possible!

Please look at the video we have posted, some highlights from this past year...

Love, Paul, Heini, Josiah and Gloria