Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dinner with the church family

Hello everyone!
This past Thursday we booked up a local restaurant
and went out to eat and fellowship as a church...
And we had so much fun... around 40 people showed up.
It was a great time to build more relationships and just relax.
No agenda, just a fun time as a "family"..
This was very needed as the past month has been very busy...
Few things that we have been up to...
We hosted a team from Texas for 10 days and organised chilcrens programme
for for four days in March.
Paul still continues the youth group on Tuesday nights after the Kids Programme has finished...
The whole front pulpet from the sanctuary has been taken down. whoa. We are intending to put in a baptism tank as the funds become available...
One of the rooms upstairs was full of dry rot...the dry rot has been treated and the walls are getting replastered in the next few weeks...
We have started an other project also called "sponsor a chair". The plan is to get the old very uncomfortable pews out and replace them with chairs...So we are collecting funds towards new chairs. Please pray that we would reach our target of 150 chairs by the end of May!
Charity Shop is going very well. We are still running it for few more months and the ladies who are involved with running it are loving it...God is so good!
These are just few of the bigger projects we have been involved in the last month. Praise God for His grace! God is so good. Paul is preparing to go to USA to itinerate for 5 weeks. He is supposed to fly out from Scotland on the 22nd April. Please pray that God would open up a door for him to travel as most of the airports are closed down with the volcano erruption. Heini will stay home with Josiah and Gloria... Your prayers are much appreciated as we will be separated for quite a few weeks.
Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and praying for us!
Love, Paul, Heini, Josiah and Gloria