Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hello from Scotland!

God is so good. We were priviledged to have some friends come over for a dinner two weeks ago... We would like to share a bit about their story...

We have a faithful couple in our church who has been coming along for the past two years. They struggled with their marriage when they joined the church...Through a lot of prayer and counselling God has restored their marriage and they are now loving and respecting one another again. Now God has started to restore the rest of the family... They have been believing for their unsaved adult children to come to the Lord...We have joined them in prayer for these past years...

They had lost contact with one of their daughters and after 15 years of not talking God has brought them back together again this past summer.

Their two daughters who are both in their twenties have both now received Christ in their hearts and God has significantly answered some of our prayers! We are still believing God for these girls families and partners to become Christians too...

Here are some photos of the family at our house...We invited them all...17 of all together with their children and grandchildren... Also their unsaved partners came along...It was a good opportunity to build relationships with these lovely people. Enjoy the photos!
Love, Paul and Heini

Leanne and Nadia
Margaret and Maria

Both of the girls partners. Please pray for these young scotts!

Enjoying food and fellowship

Paul with two of our guests and Gloria (our daughter in the middle)

Youth/multipurpose room construction

Hey everyone!

Hope you are all well...
Here is a "wee" update on our building projects which seem to be never ending...One step at the time the building is getting renovated and more upto date...Last few weeks we have been working on our Youth/ multipurpose room. When we took the church over three years ago, we found out that this particular room had ceiling and a wall full of dry rot and therefore had to be specially treaded. So some of the wall and ceiling had to come down in order to start fixing the problem...Praise God, that is now done, new ceiling and wall is in place and this past week we have been finishing painting the room...Next week we will lay a carpet down and finish decorating the room... Here are few photos on "before and after".

Thank you for praying, God is good!
Love, the Euliano's

Here is a picture from the room when the ceiling had to be taken down and the dry rot was getting treated.

Here Paul is painting the walls.

Here we are...almost done... We are putting a nice blue carpet in next week...Praise God! This will be a great room for multipurpose use.