Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On Friday and Saturday October 29 & 30th Christians in
Glasgow, Scotland had a weekend that won't be forgotten.
Recently this year, a couple Philip & Sara Anderson from Glasgow
Elim Church started something called GHOP otherwise know as
Glasgow House of Prayer. The name orignated from Kansas City
Church organization IHOP which stands for International House
of Prayer. This powerful ministry of 24 hour focused prayer and
worship to God has become one of the most influencial throughout
the world, under the ministry of Dr. Mike Bickle. Earlier this year
the GHOP leaders decided to invite the IHOP team to Scotland. Our
first meeting was held on the Friday morning for pastors and leaders,
and around 100 people had turned up. It was a powerful morning of
preaching, prayer and worship in God's presence. This meeting was
held in Cambuslang Baptist Church.

In the 1700's a catalyst minister named William M'Culloch was the
minister then. He was know to be "an extremely learned and studious
person, and a conscientious pastor to his congregation, he was no great
preacher." But God used him...

"The Cambuslang Work or 'Wark' in the Scots language, (February to November 1742) was a period of extraordinary religous activity, in Cambuslang, Scotland. The event peacked in August 1742 when a crowd of some 30,000 gathered in the 'preaching braes' - a natural amphitheatre next to the Kirk at Cambuslang - to hear the great preacher George Whitfield call them to repentance and conversion to Christ. It was intimately connected with the similar remarkable revivalist events taking place throughout Great Britian and its American Colonies in New England, where it is known as The First Great Awakening.

George Whitfield Avenue

Nearly 50 people intercede in prayer for God to revive Scotland

IHOP Meetings drew close to 400 people at Hamilton College

God wants to bring another great awakening to Scotland!
Moving right along at Champion Life Church. Pastor Paul
has been painting the sanctuarty. This is an important stage
of the church. Fresh paint always makes things look new!

Please keep praying for us.