Wednesday, February 9, 2011

John Knox - The Great Reformer

John Knox was born in Haddington, Scotland, near Edinburgh in 1505; he died at the age of 68 in 1572. To seek to cover his life in 24 lines is almost criminal! He was Scotland's great Reformer. No individual altered the face of Scotland's religious history more than John Knox. His life is comparible to that of John Wesley of England or Martin Luther of Germany. He lived in a turbulent Scotland. His life was marked by controversy and misunderstanding, but then all of God's reformers are!
As an ordained priest in the Catholic Church at age 25, he served for the next 10 years. By 1545 Knox fell under the powerful influence of George Wishart, who was Scotland's "morning star" of Reformation. Wishart, being burnt at the stake in St. Andrew's, would forever mark the turning point in spiritual life of Knox. He renounced Catholicism, and openly professed the Protestant faith.
Through a tragic turn of events, Knox was taken captive, and spent 19 months in the galleries of a French ship. After his release, he continued pastoring in England and Geneva, where he encountered John Calvin.
In 1559, Knox was called back to fulfill the preaching at Edinburgh's historic St. Giles Cathedral. His house can still be seen today, located on the Royal Mile, yards from Edinburgh Castle. While ministering in Edinburgh, the great controversy between Knox, and Mary, Queen of Scots arised. Mary, a devoted Catholic with French sympathies, and Knox, a resolute Protestant with Scottish self-determination was sure to produce many sparks! The struggle is legendary, similar to another John and a wicked ruler who insisted on having his brothers wife! The only difference, Mary lost her head, instead of John!
Besides the great preaching and leadership of Scotland's Reformation, Knox produced two important articles, whick served to form the policy and future government of Scotland. 1) The First Book of Discipline and 2) The Book of Common Order

A Great Opportunity That Will Change Your Life

Would you like to live the adventure? One of the greatest edventures that a person can experience is cross-cultural missions. What makes it so exciting to come to Scotland? Well, there is opportunity all around to make an impact for the Kingdom of God! Not only does team individuals who come for a week or two go home refreshed and with a "bigger picture" in life, and walk with God, but they leave a continent where lives are changed! Can you see yourself living the mission?!

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