Thursday, April 7, 2011

Scottish Youth - March 22

On Tuesday, March 22 Youth Alive Scotland (which Paul has part in leading) had a great turn out of over 300 young people come to a major conference. Reggie Dabbs from Florida came to Glasgow to move and provoke young people in living for God for one purpose - LOVE! God's Spirit moved amongst us, and Brother Reggie, through life experiences was able to relate to the Scottish youth in significant ways! Many came to the Lord this night. Praise God! Young people committing their hearts to Jesus!

Friday, April 1, 2011

David Walters is a family revivalist, also author of "Kid's in Combat" and "Children of Revival." He was with us for March 25-27 and made an impact on Champion Life Church and other churches who were invited. He has a vision for the whole family - children do not have a junior Holy Spirit - God uses everyone! Qualifications? An open an hungry heart... -Many children encountered God's presence in worship -Older children and adults were impacted by preaching -Over 20 children at our church had a significant encounter with God -There was the salvation of a teenager -Adults were healed of various health issues -People were united to birth families into all God has for them -The peace of the Holy Spirit continued to move through the "tension." Testimonies regarding the children: 1. One young man who has been around for some time but never prepared to take that final step of committment came through to faith on Sunday after David prayed for all the kids/youth. 2. David is prayed for by the children... 3. One young person was practically dragged to church, and was prayed for by David and felt fire in his feet, and the Spirit washing over him over and over like water. He hasn't stopped talking about it.

4. Children were released in the prayer language of tongues.
5.) Two brothers were particularly impacted as they fell to the ground without anyone touching them and began to weep and cry out in other tongues for an extended period of time.

6. Children experienced a deeper hunger for God. One girl age 8 said, "I love the anointing part and praying for healing for the adults.

7. One boy age 10 said, "I enjoyed listening to Mr. Walter's."

8. A parent said, "My child had a really powerful encounter with God and we are very grateful for that being facilitated in her life.

9. A couple said, "Our children were very powerfully touched by God and now really appreciate how simple in many ways, it is to believe the Lord wants to heal, receive from him and go for it!

10. "I was very blessed by the meeting as Jesus turned up and used the little children. I can now walk without pain."

11. "My back is absolutely fine now - most definately healed! My sleep pattern has been altered for the good. (Man who was prayed for by the children)

Huddersfield, England Conference

Back in March Paul had an opportunity to go the Assemblies of God pastor/leaders conference. Some new changes of location was made for the main headquarters and other leadership changes took place too. Paul says, "the work being done in the Assemblies of God churches the U.K. (which covers England, Scotland, and Wales) is preparing for great things that God is doing to win the nations to Him. We are waging war over here for the end time revival, something powerful is about to be released!"