Thursday, May 31, 2012

Champion Life Church Testimony

We have been thrilled to see so many new faces in our Sunday morning services and the church growing! Our Sunday school director, Margaret, has just recently written a testimony about Champion Life Church for the community...
"Champion Life Church is one of the best churches in Glasgow. Since I started going there 4 years ago I have seen so many miracles, signs and wonders which have changed my whole life and accelerated my faith 100 %. I never knew the Christian life could be so exciting and relevant for the problems people face today. I was a Christian when I started coming to CLC but I wasn't walking in total freedom from the effects of a very dysfunctional Glasgow upbringing. I didn't realise that this church was going to revolutionise my life by showing me how to have such an intimate relationship with the living God which would heal me in every area of my life. Sin no longer has a hold over me and I am being transformed every day into the person God always intended me to be. Through the teaching, powerful times of worship and the face to face encounters with God that we are privileged to experience week in and week out, I now believe anything is possible and there is nothing that God cannot do. I am living the blessed life and I want to see others healed, set free and living for Jesus Christ. My husband, son and daughter have all seen the power of God in so many different ways every day and God has a unique and exciting purpose for them too.

I currently have a great job of working with prisoners, serving my family and the church and living life to the full. I highly recommend coming to church to anyone who is searching for answers and wants to see God at work in their lives."

~Margaret Connelly.
Frank and Margaret Connelly