Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Champions Charity Shop

Hello Everyone!
Champion Charity Shop is now open!!!Thank you for your prayers. We have had three successful days shop open and believe many many more to come! Please keep praying that we will continue to get VERY good donations and many customers every day. Already today we had an opportunity to share the gospel with few different people and invite them to church...So we are believing many souls for the Kingdom!!
Nancy, one fo our volunteers pricing items before we opening our doors..
Jacqueline pricing items...
Adele having fun and sorting out clothes....
Theresa sorting out mens shirts...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Charity Shop

Hey Everyone!
We are in the middle of an exciting new project!
On the 15th September we will open our own Charity Shop called "Champions Charity Shop". This is very exciting as it opens up many new doors of opportunity...Charity Shops (second hand shops) are very popular in Scotland....
1. The shop will enable us to generate funds for the local projects we want to do in the church and the community.
2. It will build friendships as people volunteer and work together for a common cause.
3. It will give people who are unemployed a sense of purpose and opportunity to develop new skills ie. serving customers...Many of our volunteers are ex-drug users, or others who have had other life controlling issues in their lives.
4. We will open up a "coffee" corner at the back of the shop which will give opportunities for witnessing, praying and sharing about the love of God to the people/customers who come to the shop.
We would like to ask that you keep us in prayer...Please pray that the shop will generate more money we could have ever even dreamed or imagined and that we can indeed be a light in our local community.
Here is a photo of Ann and Bob, volunteering and painting some of the furnishings of the shop...