Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Office - Part 2

Many of you might have seen our posting about a month ago...New Office - Part 1
Here is New Office - Part 2...
Our office is done!!!!...Now only furniture is missing....Thank you for your prayers and support!
We cannot wait to start working from here!

Baptism Service

Hello Everyone!
Sunday 14th April was a glorious Sunday - Baptism Sunday!
Here are some photos...We baptised 12 people, one of them was our own precious daughter Gloria!
God is so good! One of the people who got baptised, received Jesus into his heart the same Sunday! As he saw others getting baptised, he asked if he could get baptised too...

Paul introducing the service. We used a friend of ours church, as we still dont have our own baptism tank...It will be one of the projects we are planning to complete this year...

Maureen getting baptised

 Jem getting ready to be baptised...

            Tony sharing a testimony of how he got to know Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.

 Eleanor is one of the first youth who ever came to church...She has been coming to the church for the past five years now. None of her family comes to church but she has found her faith in Jesus and is faithfully committed in coming on her own.

Jacqueline is another one of the young people who came to know the Lord through our Kids Hour on Tuesday nights...She now comes as a helper, and is very faithful in coming to church even though none of her family believes. Please keep praying for all our young believers! And that their families would come to know the Lord too.

Caprice became a Christian in December 2012 and has been very regular attender of the church ever since! Neither her family knows the Lord, so please keep her in your prayers too!

Amy getting baptised
Our own daughter Gloria, seven years of age! She was determined that she wanted to get water baptised...She loves the Lord! What a glorious day for daddy to baptise his little princess!

Gloria under the water with daddy...

              Daniel is our talented drummer in the church! Getting ready to be baptised!
Guy received Jesus in his heart in our morning service and as he saw people getting baptised he joined them too!! This is what happened in the book of Acts!!

Connor getting baptised

And precious Denise. Please pray for her, she is a lovely lady, single mother of four boys. You can imagine, she needs much support and prayer.