Thursday, November 28, 2013

Open House

 Open House takes place in our Champions Café. Some would call it café church. However, we are doing more than drinking coffee, and eating food. These evenings are held every Wednesday evening and lives are being changed. Our 24 week theme is "Life to the Full." We are going through a discipleship course and are trumpeting to the people that if they give us one year of their life they will be changed forever! God's presence so fell on His people last Wednesday evening that people were baptized with the Holy Spirit, and filled with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Lives were healed, revived and set free. It was awesome what Jesus has done. Please keep praying for us, and that Father continues to pour out His Spirit upon us.
Our Youth Will Flourish IN JESUS!
 Interactive Bible study and meditation.
 Hungry for Jesus.
 Longing for His Word.
 We love to see Glasgow shine for Jesus!
Strong in the Lord!
 Champions in the Making!
We will see God's Kingdom come, and His will be
done here on earth (in Scotland) as it is in heaven!
The Scot's will hear His voice!

Life Together!

 Having Good Times Together!
Meeting some other pastor friends.

Jesus Culture Visit

Jesus Culture Visits Glasgow!

Champion Youth

 Stepping stones with our youth. The youth in Champion Life Church are starting to understand that God has a great plan for their lives. They are becoming more aware of His presence and that He values them. In the east end of Glasgow, City (our church area), is filled with violence, high crime, drugs, alcoholism, broken homes, abuse, rejection, etc. We believe that we can reach the next generation in our area, and that lives can be immensely changed in the city. There is hope for the future of Glasgow, and we envision all the negative in the land diminishing! Jesus is Lord. "Lord, let Glasgow flourish by the preaching of your Word and the praising of your name!"


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Audacious Leaders Summit

We (Paul and Heini) go to Audacious Church in Manchester, England 4-5 times a year. They have a pastors summit from a Friday into Saturday evening. It is a great time to flourish and grow under the teaching of God's Word, building awesome relationships, and coming back to Glasgow (Champion Life Church) encouraged and inspired with new and fresh vision. This past Friday, November 22 they even took a surprise offering up for us. We were greatly encouraged!