Thursday, February 27, 2014

Water Baptism Sunday 23rd February 2014

Hey Everyone!

This past Sunday we had a great baptism service.
Since we don't have our own baptism tank, we joined Larbert Pentecostal Church for their evening service. Pastor Michael Rollo kindly allowed us to baptize our people during their service.
The house was full of people and the service was excellent!
A real Kingdom of God moment, Christians coming together from different churches, celebrating God and His goodness. We are truly blessed to share some of these photos with you!
13 new Christians got water baptized. Thank you for your continuous support to us!

  Paul is welcoming everyone and getting ready to baptize people!

Sophie got baptized. Her and her mum have been coming to church for the past few years and now Sophie was ready to make this commitment to Jesus!
 Matthew became a Christian few months ago and is now faithfully coming along to church on  Sundays and Wednesday night's to Open House.
Courtney is one of our amazing young people who has been coming to the church for the past six years. When she started she was only 10 years old. She is the only one in her family who comes to church. She started coming along to our Kids Hour on Tuesday nights and now is one of our leaders in the children's programme! Please be praying for Courtney and her family!

       It was an honor to baptize David who has been coming to the church since the summer.
 Another praise report, David G - we are so proud of this man pressing into God and changing a life style from drug addiction to glorifying God! God has set him free, please be praying for David for God to give him wisdom and keep him connected with right people, and growing in God!

Isabel getting baptized!
Erin getting Baptised. She became a Christian this September and is one of the newest additions to our youth group!
Rhona getting baptized. She has started coming to Champion Life Church since January 2014.
                                                What a blessing to baptize Rhona!
 Rachel getting baptized. Her mum and dad used to come to our youth group over ten years ago, when we were youth pastoring in an other church...It is a blessing to have the whole family with us in Champion Life Church and now baptize their children! God really is so good!
   Rachel's brother Matthew getting baptized.
Ray getting baptized. She received Jesus in her heart and has been coming to the church since November 2013.
 Lyndsay getting baptized. Please pray for continuous healing over Lyndsay's life, she has few physical sicknesses that limit her quality of life. God has already done great things in her life but
we believe that God wants to heal Lyndsay completely!
                                                          Jack getting baptized!