Thursday, October 28, 2010

A great enthusiasim has kicked in to see Champion Life Church transformed. It's a new season, and were about to see things radically change. Thanks to God He gives us the talent and creativity to do things right and excellent. Our heart is to make the church attractive to reach the culture of people here in Glasgow, Scotland; but like never before we are seeking God's face to have His power and presence demonstrated among us to see the lost know Jesus. God is about to do something great in this nation, and we are ready and prepared like never before as we create a culture of excellence and honor amongst His people.
Pastor Paul gets ready for one of the biggest painting moments of his life.

Just the beginning...

Picture from the sound desk! Left corner 1st coat.

Moving Forward!

Nearing the end!

This next picture is taken from the peak: Don't look down!
(Standing this hight on a ladder will certainly improve your prayer life!)

There's not much more to say!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

John Partington is the National Leader for Assemblies of God in Great Britain.

He has been a pastor and apostolic leader and now wants to use his widespread experience, infectious sense of fun, and evangelistic zeal to bring a fresh vision and purpose Assemblies of God. John's exciting journey has demonstrated the God given positive attributes he has shown for more than three decades. He thrives on inspiring others with fun, the feel-good factor, and with his father's heart, he loves to encourage others. John has led churches in Bedworth, Liverpool and Exeter, England as well as pioneering seven others.

He has been married to Andrene for 36 years and is a father of three and a grandad.

National leader of Assemblies of God Great Britian, John Partington, delivered an encouraging word at Champion Life Church on October 3. There have been many changes as the church recently changed its name, we are now in a fresh start, and believing the DNA of heaven is ours to possess. Pastor Paul Euliano has been motivating people to seek God for healing and seeing the supernatural come into existance.

This vision was greatly impacted and the fire in people's hearts was fueled as John shared his message "Act as if..." We are to act as if the word of God was true. John challenged the faith of the people by sharing that we are to act as if miracles were the norm, and that our lives would naturally be supernatural. We are called to live victoriously as we "act as if" we enjoy our lives, on the course of time it actually becomes a reality and it is not an act at all...We actually might start enjoying life.
Pastor Paul Scanlon is the senior pastor of Abundant Life Church. Champion Life Church is a networking church with Abundant Life Church, and have received much impact of "life empowerment-go to the next level" exhortation in the things of God! Here is Pastor Paul's vision:

The Church I See is God Centered, Purpose-Driven, and People Empowering.

The Church I See is exciting and full of life. It is a church that is both numerically large and spiritually deep.

The Church I See is non-religious, naturally supernatural, and incredibly fun to be in. It's a church of renowned character and integrity. A church whose number one priority is to glorify God and to bring His wonerful life to a lost world.

The Church I See is attractive, confident, victorious and overcoming. I see a church whose powerful proclamation and awesome worship are broadcast to the nations by every modern means possible.

The Church I See equips, enables and releases ordinary people to live extraordinary lives.

The Church I See is a deeply committed, loving, caring family amongst whom the lonely and the broken find refuge, new hope and belonging.
Abundant Life Church in Bradford, England has been a model church for Champion Life Church to see and learn from. Their aim is to be God-centered, purpose driven, and people empowering. They have flourished as they have started to reach out and practically express God's love to the people they 'do life with' in their communities. Their passion is to reach people who don't yet know Godand help them find a relationship with their Creator. They are a church sets the vision for churches in the 21st century.
On September 30 Pastor Paul brought three leaders in training from Champion Life Church down to a full day of a networking leaders conference in Bradford, England. At Champion Life Church we are committed to building into the lives that God brings our way. Our heart is to empower them with purpose and vision, and to build the DNA that God put into us into them. Here is Pastor Paul with Thomas, Angela & her husband Richard. Together we can making a diffence!