Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spa Night for Women

More praise reports!
As you may have just read, Friday night was a great success in Glasgow City. Our second half of the outreach was on the following Sunday. The sanctuary was completely transformed into a beautiful candle lit and peaceful environment. Plenty of ladies in the church came to be apart of this night in doing different things for it. The night was called 'Simply Beautiful' and it was full of beauty treatments for everyone. Choices there were things like nails, hair, facials, massages, eyebrows and even foot spas! It was definitely well worth all the effort put into the whole weekend. God had such greater plans instore for this project than we had ever imagined! We had several visitors from the community come. We were so thrilled when two of the girls we had met on Friday in the streets came as well.

Some of the ladies in our church helping with the night.

Taryn fits right in! :)

Heini hard at work decorating

Outreach to the streets of Glasgow

On Friday the 27th January we had an opportunity to go out to the streets of Glasgow. Our aim was to show God's love to the homeless and the girls on the streets. We carried hot coffee, tea and soup to serve to anyone we encountered. We had great opportunities to share the gospel and pray for people. We also invited the girls to a special spa night at the church.

Here are some pictures of getting ready to go out Friday night.


Thank you for standing in faith with us for Scotland!
We want to give glory to God for the baptisms of Sarah-Jane, Alistar and Kellie from our church family. We baptised them in the month of December. Please keep praying for them as they are growing in God and finding their place in the body of Christ.

Ladies Bible Study

Hey, back so soon :)
This has already been a great year starting for Champion Life Church and again, we just can't wait to share about it! Our first week of January we had a ladies Bible study on the book of James. Our intern student Taryn taught the course of this week and had such a great time teaching it as well as preparing for it.
This week was titled "A walk in the park with James". A name partly out of pure irony that the book of James is anything less than a walk in the park. But also to describe each chapter as we walked through it. Learning how to "live it" when our dear friend James takes us through different emotions on our "walk in the park" together. I'm sure you know the kind of walks I mean... those most priceless and honest times with friends that encourage you to press on in life wherever you're at.
The outcome of this week was far beyond expectations and a divine appointment for each one of us individually! Every night was full of God through prayer, His very presence, His word and His gentle whispers to us. So amazing. A few weeks have passed since the Bible study and you can tell by some of these ladies, that it was not just something they appreciated but they applied. That it did more than touch them but changed them. God is so good!
Dinner and fellowship times

The troops!

Taryn going over some last minute notes.