Saturday, September 3, 2016

Euliano Transition

Hi Friends and Supporters,
We trust that you are all well. It is now 14 weeks into our time of being in the States, and we are loving it! We have been warmly welcomed since we have been back, and that has encouraged us to settle well. 

After leaving Scotland we were tired and needing to recoup after all the travel. Our summer was full of life, rest, and new friends as we made our way to Redding, CA. We are enjoying our new house, and exploring the beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers and other sights of northern California in our town.

Our children (Josiah and Gloria), started Bethel Christian School on Monday, August 22 - they're loving it! They both managed to meet new friends, and get to know their teachers. They have been learning much about American culture in everyday life. Josiah is playing baseball and Gloria has taken up dance. 

Heini and I (Paul) are not only enjoying new friend-ships, but are also enjoying life in our new home. Our container just arrived on Tuesday, September 6, which we are excited to get all our stuff unpacked. Soon our house will be in order, and tidy. I had taken off to the east coast for three Sunday's and had itinerated in two churches so far - Sunday, September 4.

Loads of blessings to you all!

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